About Viking Beds

Swedish design at its best


With its roots in Småland's famous Furniture Kingdom, Viking Beds of Sweden has striven to create the best beds on the market from day one. Those who visit our factory can feel the passion in the walls! The factory's located in the heart of Småland's historic forests in Ekenässjön, in the highlands of southern Sweden. 


We Smålanders are a stubborn people. If we've decided to do something, it takes a lot for us to change our minds. So twenty years ago, when we decided to manufacture beds, we obviously wanted to do it the Småland way, making beds of the highest quality and comfort using genuine local craftsmanship. And in traditional Småland spirit, our beds are priced so that as many people as possible can enjoy a good night's sleep. You could say we offer people the chance to sleep the Småland way.

Twenty years after starting work, we're still keeping Småland's design heritage alive. Ingenuity, or innovation as it's called these days, is our guiding light in everything we do. It's in how we design our beds, how we build them and how we make sure they reach our customers with the least possible environmental impact. If you're looking for something quintessentially Småland, you've come to the right place.


All our beds are designed to offer your body the highest level of comfort and maximum recovery. We make sure we use environmentally-certified materials as much as possible, are keen for our beds to be recycled when the time comes and think carefully about logistics and transport.

Our beds aren't just comfortable to sleep in. With so much freedom to choose in terms of firmness, material, color and built-in technological features, a bed from Viking Beds is no ordinary piece of furniture. And since we spend about a third of our lives in them, there's no doubt our beds are the most important pieces of furniture in our homes. Our beds are more than just a place to sleep at night; they're an investment in a healthy life.


Operating as a genuine Swedish company's quite rare these days. International competition is fierce and lots of companies are fighting hard to keep their piece of the market. The fact that most of our production still takes place in and around the highlands of Småland is a sign of Viking Beds' strength. That we've managed to keep doing this is a feat we're very proud of. 

Each of our beds is the product of genuine craftsmanship and the result of an exhaustive search for the perfect night's sleep. For example, we spend a lot of time and energy on seeing how new materials can be combined with traditional methods of craftsmanship. Because many of the skilled bed builders at our factory in the highlands of Småland are locals and have Småland ingenuity in their genes, we're able to manufacture high-quality beds at affordable prices.

Creating a truly excellent bed requires knowledge of materials, anatomy, design and construction. At Viking Beds of Sweden, we bring together experts in each of these areas. When our product developers have an idea, they discuss how best to develop the new product with bedmakers, buyers, designers and upholsterers. They think about everything from the frame, pocket springs and padding material to the fabric and accessories. Our teams work together very closely. Thanks to their proximity, we can have an idea in the morning and a working prototype in the afternoon. The flexibility of our production methods and the experience of our employees is what makes Viking Beds of Sweden possible, as well as our constant pursuit of the highest possible quality.


We always strive to be better at what we do. By educating ourselves and sharing our skills, we're able to ensure our knowledge base grows day by day. Dare we say there are few people who know more about beds than we do?

In order to make sure it stays that way, we constantly challenge ourselves to get better at what we do – designing and manufacturing Sweden's best beds. Our knowledge has been growing for twenty years, and we have no intention of letting it slow down now. Our knowledge is the guarantee we give our customers – we're Smålanders you can trust.


Like it or not, everyone leaves their mark on our common environment. We like to think about how we can continue improving our work and reducing our impact on the planet. One thing we do is work with local suppliers as much as possible to keep our transport needs down.

For the sake of the environment, we like to go beyond what applicable laws and regulations demand of us, preferably by a long way. That's why we can say with a clear conscience that our beds are locally produced using materials from the forests of Småland. And we're really proud of that.


To us, it matters what kind of people we are. Everyone has their own personality and personal characteristics. Although there are a lot of things everyone at Viking Beds has in common, such as responsibility, commitment and attention to detail,
we're not all exactly the same. But we see the differences between us as something positive, and the diversity of the team we've been building for the last twenty years as an asset.

We see praise and others kinds of feedback as a natural part of our growth. They provide us with the energy to continue working together to strengthen Viking Bed's competitiveness and improve its position. There's always
room for a little personal development!